Fire Protection

Structural Fire Protection in Poole

Structural fire protection should be a major consideration to the fire safety of a building, both in terms of saving lives and protecting the building. It ensures the building will not collapse for a period oftime in the event of a fire, giving occupant's time to evacuate and the fire brigade time to extinguish. Ultimately, it also reduces the rebuilding costs of a fire-damaged building.

Fire Compartmentation

All new buildings must now be divided into separate compartments to satisfy the latest Building Regulations, so that in case of fire that the spread in the building be restricted. Unfortunately there are inherent areas of weakness, which can include doors, windows and ventilation ductwork that may pass through from one compartment to another.


At ASL we work with our clients to provide the best most cost effective products for their requirements, which means we also supply products from World leaders in their fields such as

The best performer in the FIREFLY range of products currently is the FlREFL Y TITAN. Providing 120 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation, this flexible Fire Barrier offers a solution to meet most Fire Barrier requirements. Currently a double layer of FlREFL Y TITAN will provide 120 minutes integrity and 90 minutes insulation - for details please contact FIREFLY directly.

Envirograf have designed one of the widest passive fire cavity barrier ranges in the world that can be used in all cavity sections. These include service penetration seals, wall cavity seals, electrical openings and plug box units and floor opening section seal systems.

Firetherm are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Fire Stopping products to the construction industry, from Specialist Fire Stopping Contractors to Main Contractors and House Builders across the globe.

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