Fire Protection

Our services include:

Intumescent Paint Systems

We offer a comprehensive on- site Intumescent Paint Spraying service, from initial enquiry to the issuing of a completion certificate at the end of the project with up to 120 minute fire protection.

Fire Board Systems

We can install framed and frame-less boarding systems to beams and column with up to 240 minute fire protection.

Fire Mortar systems

Load bearing fire mortar is used mainly in riser cupboards. Once cured it can be drilled through to allow the installation of services.

Fire Curtains / Barriers

Typically required within roof voids and ceilings to inhibit the spread of Heat, Smoke and Fire. We also offer a full insulation service to roof voids.

Timber Protection

Water based coatings can be applied by brush or spray to provide a class o or class 1 fire rating to internal timbers.

Fire Stopping/ Fire, Smoke and Air Sealing

Using approved and tested products allows for the correct compartmentation in buildings by dividing them into separate “fire compartments " through walls, floors and roof voids. We can seal around Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays and Movement Joints to ensure the integrity of all compartments.

Acoustic Sealing

We can facilitate the required sound reduction and decibel (db) reduction through the installation of Acoustic Blankets, Barriers and Seals.

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